Listen up.

A professional actor since he was five, Anthony is a master of dialects and a host of characters.

Anthony's narration conveys a genuine understanding of the material, finding each emotional opportunity and nuance in the text. He makes the most fantastical and terrifying worlds feel as if they're conveyed over a crackling fire.    


“The author of your last audio book thanked me for getting John Hurt and Christopher Lee to read his story. Thought you'd get a kick out of that”

- Mike Davis, publisher

Voicework Samples

Listen to samples through the playheads below, or click to listen to the full stories on Soundcloud.

'The Bells of Northam' by Joshua Reynolds

'The Mouth of God' by Gary Meyers

'454 Angell' by Anthony Pearce

'454 Angell' sample (A)

'454 Angell' sample (B)