“Anthony is one of the most talented men I know. His visionary creativity is needed in film, both as a writer of features and a creative artistic force!!"

- Kyle Hester, actor/producer


A young HP Lovecraft pens his ‘what I did for my summer vacation’ essay, detailing his first contact with the Old Ones.

"I will not profess falsely that I dared follow the audible intrusion to its source that night. Rather, I gripped tightly to downy bedcovers, turned my back to the noise and, after a fitful time without measuring, succumbed to sleep.
The sounds met me there.

"The ticket man nodded, "But not you." He leaned over, so close Devon could feel skunk breath on his forehead, "You ain't scared, huh?"

Devon was jelly, his gaze arrested on the man's eyebrow pierce. He heard (felt?) the braids' beaded ends click softly together.
"N-no, sir. I-I'm not scared," Christian swore.
Not quite a purr, hardly a whisper, the ticket man hummed "Why, suuure you are."

Devon has quite the imagination. The question is, when he made his first trip to the carnival freak show, did something actually follow him home?

How empty and alone is space? Yet how much more reliable than man...

Madagar approached the window’s edge. The nearer he drew, the more IT slid into view, peering back at him from the border of the twelve inch thick pane. It was magnificent, a spherical angel a million kilometers across, burning in the not so distance.  

He stood for long moments, studying it in awe. Wiping moisture from one eye - the effect of staring into harsh light he assured himself - he said, “Ahh, you must be my assassin.” 

Pausing before turning away, Madagar added, “I thought you’d be bigger.”

"Often I have wondered that so beautiful a creature would find me a fit man to love. I suppose it must be that you owe me your life, but I'd rather not think of it that way.

We each find true love in our way. Don't judge.



After Batman's back was broken by Bane, the role of Gotham's avenger was filled by Azrael, who proved more psychopath than hero. 


In the wake of tragic events, Aquaman faces fiercer villains and a shift in creative teams. Savage Dragon's Erik Larsen the reins of Atlantis' king.

When Mother Earth targets humanity for death, the heroes of SPIRIT OF THE TAO have just one problem: deciding which side to take.

"Alright, let’s try the Socratic route. At what point does your relationship with Christ become more important than your relationship with your own son?"

Everything's retro some day. A look into the reemergence of partner dancing and big band in the 1990s.