It all starts with an idea.


Creatures, characters, costumes, vehicles, event builds, theatrical productions, film sets, props, puppets, practical special FX, or entire worlds.


Anthony manifest ideas. 

What can I draw for you?

It probably started with Dungeons & Dragons. Who really knows? But Anthony has spent a lifetime (and over 40 years professionally) extracting ideas from client's minds and manifesting them as designs.
He's contributed his talents to a wealth of mediums; film and TV, music videos, publications, games, events, installations, advertising and more.
Anthony's designed and constructed full set builds and miniatures; starships, space stations, escape rooms, killer's cabins, haunts, Aladdin's Caves of Wonder, deaths for the Saw movies, entire alien cultures, languages, and worlds, stage productions for Walt Disney Imagineering, and more costumes, characters, and creatures than he can count.

Whatever clients can imagine, Anthony breathes into life. 

"Anthony Pearce's artwork is stellar. Truly. I needed some illustrations for a pitch deck/look book and not only were they done quickly, they far exceeded my hopes. They were perfect and exactly what the project needed. I am 100% convinced his amazing work helkped us raise our budget for our film. He also happens to be a great guy!"

- Carey Scott, actor/director