Discovered encased in ambergris, floating off the eastern coast of Madagascar, Anthony’s physiognomy so startled the ship’s surgeons they mistakenly removed his tail. 

Okay, not entirely true, but only slightly less probable than the real deal. 

Anthony Pearce began his 50+ year career in entertainment at the tender age of five. He’s a graduate of the School of Creative and Performing Arts, the ProSeries in screenwriting, courses at the Kubert School of Cartooning, etc , ad nauseum.

A writer/actor/producer/production designer, and comicbook/conceptual/storyboard illustrator, he's worn nearly every hat one can wear in film/TV/print/marketing and games (and yet, tragically doesn’t look good in hats). 

Known to his peers as a ‘creative force of nature’, Anthony founded his art studio Goth’k Graf’x in 1995, taking projects from concept to completion for studios and brands in every market.

Seriously, scroll down to the clients, I’ll wait.


Back? See??

Published author/journalist and produced screenwriter/voice actor, theatrical designer for Disney Imagineering, death designer for Saw. Sharks, Xenomorphs, Tron, escape rooms, spaceships, horror, sci-fi blah-blah-BLAH-blah blah. 

He’s basically Green Lantern. Whatever can be imagined, he can create.

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