Welcome to the creative world of


Anthony Pearce



A seasoned writer, illustrator, designer, and performer, 

Anthony possesses a versatile skill set,

allowing him a hands-on approach throughout every

phase of a project, from concept to completion.


A dynamic creative force, he seamlessly navigates between the

keyboard, film set, and drawing table, with unparalleled expertise.



Establishing his art studio, Goth'k Graf'x in 1995,

Anthony's built an extensive client list, including

Amazon, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Lionsgate, HBO,

National Geographic, Walt Disney Imagineering,

Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and the Superbowl.



What can I write for you?

It's time to breathe life into your ideas. To fully realize the potential of your written project. Whether it's screenplays, ghostwriting, copy, prose, fiction or non-fiction, let my skills be the conduit to transform your thoughts into compelling narratives and engaging content.


What story can I tell for you?

Experience the versatility of my voice as I bring life to your content, be it in a video, cartoon, business presentation, or commercial. Let the characters and dialects in my repertoire be the conduit that effectively communicates your message.


What can I draw for you?

You have a vision. What you need is an artist to manifest your ideas into images.It may seem like mind reading, but it's really just decades of working with clients, of extracting details they may not have even realized they knew. Whether through conceptual design including characters, creatures, and worlds, or narrative art such comic books and storyboards, Anthony can infuse vitality into your vision.



Voice Acting

Bringing Stories and Characters to Audible Life

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Crafting Tales That Captivate Hearts and Minds

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Professional Illustration

Designing Art That Captures Ideas

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